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By Anthony Nielson

April 2017
Director: Natalie Wilson
Lighting Designer: Sean Teng
Company: London Academy of Dramatic Art
Venue: Linbury Studio (London Academy of Music and Drama)
Photos: Richard Hubert Smith. © LAMDA 2017

This play is classic Anthony Nielson; surreal and bizarre. It takes a look inside one man’s head as he suffers depression after a breakup. I wanted to express his state of mind and pay homage to the original set described at the beginning of the text (an island with actual sand dunes which was key to the original staging). Piles upon piles of laundry struck me as a way to represent the lack of self-care and the stagnation that can occur when someone is in a state of despair, while evoking the island sand dunes of the original staging. 

I chose tones of white and beige to convey how banal and meaningless our surroundings become when we are faced with emotional trauma, contrasting it with bright costumes for all of the characters that come to life in the protagonist's surreal imaginings to emphasise the vibrance and potency of his interior world.

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