A Bright New Boise

By Samuel D. Hunter

April 2018

Director: Ros Philips

Lighting Designer: Jaspal Jabbal

Company: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Venue: Carne Studio

Photos: Nate Gibson

A Bright New Boise 


Hunter's play questions the nature of belief, what it means to spend your life waiting for an apocalypse that never comes, and how to fill the void when art and god aren't enough - all told through comic style against the backdrop of a Hobby Lobby break room. I chose to express the oppressively mundane and controlling nature of of corporate environments through looming magnolia panels of pegboard .The studio space needed to accommodate rapid shifts between the breakroom and a parking lot, and the panels became a shared element that could represent both walls and billboards. 

At the same time, the brickwork of the back wall fractures into black, the tiled floor subdivides into ever smaller tiles, and the tables form an abstract pattern - all elements to suggest a struggle between chaos and order, an attempt to find meaning and an ever present feeling that maybe there isn't any.